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Sign of the Crimes: Detroit Cops Ban Cars From Parking in High-Crime Areas


"...both morally repugnant and counter-productive..."

In an effort to cut down on car break-ins, Detroit police are beginning to fine car owners who decide to park in areas that have been designated as susceptible to larceny.

The Associated Press (via the Detroit Free Press) reports that street parking in certain areas will be prohibited and violations enforced. But Jeff Wattrick, a writer for Mlive.com, doesn't quite see how this is fair.

He writes:

You don't punish victims or potential victims for crime. Penalizing patrons of downtown businesses because someone else might break into their cars is both morally repugnant and counter-productive to the goal of a vibrant, revitalized downtown.


This policy is nothing short of an embarrassing admission of futility by an absolutely hapless police department. Rather than seeking a constructive solution to a problem afflicting an increasingly vibrant business district, Detroit officials elected to punish law-abiding citizens and entrepreneurs making a go of it in Detroit.

Wattrick notes that some people have already been reporting cases of "mass towings" and even though the cost will be refunded calls it "obnoxious."

Police, according to AP, are encouraging car owners to park in well-lit areas and that a local parking lot is reducing its rates for those interested in safer parking.

According to Autoblog, it is not known how long enforcement of street parking restrictions in certain areas will remain in effect. The blog notes that with the 2012 Detroit Auto Show underway bringing in more cars to the area, police could be enacting these restrictions to curb thefts during this time. The writer of the blog post states that two of his friends had their cars broken into in Detroit last week before the restriction went into effect in the area police will be targeting.

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