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Slo-Mo Freak Out: Woman's Reaction to Zebra Bite Goes Viral



Vehicles may offer a false sense of security on safari rides. As shown in a recent YouTube video, a woman chatting with her friends while they got a taste of wildlife, ended up giving the wildlife a little taste of herself.

Watch as a zebra reaches through the vehicle window and takes a bite out of this woman's shoulder. And it's even been slowed down for full effect:

As revealed in the video, the zebra was really after food being held by the woman, who is identified as Megan. Yahoo News reports that the incident appears to have occurred at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, Texas, although it has not been confirmed. Megan was not seriously injured by the bite.

Megan also appeared on the Today show for the notoriety she has gained from the YouTube video, one version of which has more than 200,000 views:


As Megan stated on the show, she was given an ointment for the bite and it "healed [her] right up."

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