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This Is Actor Justin Long Playing Mitt Romney in MoveOn's Version of 'The Office


Mitt Romney's infamous "I like being able to fire people" remark is back, enshrined in the form of a MoveOn web video casting actor Justin Long as the Bain Capital CEO.

In a confessional-type interview modeled after the NBC comedy "The Office," Long-as-Romney describes what he does at Bain.

"The way it works here at Bain is that we buy up struggling companies and we streamline them. We make them better, smarter and more efficient. Mostly by firing people," he says.

It's on from there, as the faux Romney cans four people in the course of the three minute video, varying it up as he goes along.

"I've been accused of not having a heart and that hurts, my friends. It really does," he says. "But to be fair, it was from a guy that I had laid off right before he had double bypass surgery. So really, the accusation should have probably gone the other way around."

Watch below:

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