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Wild Video: Crowd Curses at Gingrich Heckler During FL Campaign Stop


Newt Gingrich had to compete for attention during a campaign stop Wednesday with a loud woman intent on disrupting his appearance.

In a nearly seven-minute video posted on conservative blog Shark Tank, the heckler -- who identified herself as Cara Jennings -- kept up a steady stream of insults, enraging the Gingrich supporters around her.

"If facts made a difference you'd be in jail!" Jennings shouted at one point. "Do you work for the people or Freddie Mac?"

"I'm glad you asked that. I work for the people," Gingrich replied.

But Jennings wasn't finished, and continued to yell even as those around her implored her to stop -- some with choice insults of their own.

"Shut your big mouth! Shut your big mouth! We don't want to hear your sh-t!" a Gingrich supporter shouted back in one exchange.

Watch the full video below. Content warning -- strong language.

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