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Becket Adams gets upset when TSA agents touch his 'inner thigh

Becket Adams gets upset when TSA agents touch his 'inner thigh

While getting ready to participate in a taping of GBTV's "For the Record" roundtable last Thursday, THE BLAZE's tech editor Liz Klimas and I had an in-depth conversation about the TSA. I don't remember all the sticky details, but I do remember that Klimas wasn't aware that a pat-down by a TSA agent is much more intimate than a simple over-the-clothes feel-up. Then today our front page editor Jon Seidl has a story about some TSA workers getting suspended following accusations of stealing and sleeping on the job.

Fortunately BLAZE writers haven't had any serious Rand Paul-like run-ins with TSA agents. It's mostly been minor annoyances.

Assistant Editor Chris Santarelli told me it's a "pain in the ass" to have to take his shoes off when going through security. I asked if he's ever worried that his shoes smell. "Absolutely not, I just dont like getting rushed," he said.

THE BLAZE magazine editor Chris Field said he hates waiting on everyone else to get "their crap" onto the conveyer belt and through the line. He continued, "Add the fact that Flo running the x-ray machine can't tell the difference between a toothbrush and a pen in my carry-on bag, and it makes for a painfully long wait."

I asked Becket Adams, our business editor, about his experience with TSA. "You mean the people who grope me?" he asked. "No, that's someone else," I dutifully reminded him.

Kidding. For real, he said, "the worst part [about airport security] is having someone run their hand up and down the inner thigh without so much as a drink or 'I'll call you in the morning.'"

Liz Klimas, a total airport goodie-goodie, considers herself an expert when it comes to maneuvering airport security. "I make sure I get to the airport at the allotted 2 hours ahead of time. I will take off all metal (even little earrings) because I don't want to set off the machine," she told me. "I pride myself on being faster than others at getting ready to go through with my bins (including taking computer out of bag)."

As for me, I hate the TSA. Agents have thrown away perfectly good toothpaste tubes simply because they were too big to fit in places I suspect they'd like to search.

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