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Here Are All the Rumors About the Apple iPad 3


Could we see it in March?

Is this the iPad 3 backshell? This supposedly leaked photo is floating around the Internet. (Image via 9to5 Mac)

Last summer and fall we brought you coverage of the iPhone 5 rumors and leaked photos, only to have Apple announce everything but an iPhone 5 at its highly anticipated event held in October. The rumor mill is churning again but it's not for iPhone 5 -- well, there are rumors for that too but what we're talking about is the iPad 3.

A couple photos have been leaked and there are reports that the new tablet could be available by March. The Verge points out that the iPad 2 was released in early March last year, suggesting March could be the drop dead date this year. Although, it also cleverly speculates that the last iPad was released on a Wednesday (March 2, 2011 -- available by March 11). With 29 days in February thanks to the leap year this year, that puts the 29th on a Wednesday, which The Verge says could be paired with a theme like "It's time to leap ahead."

All Things D, though, is pretty firm in its belief that the announcement will come the first week of March.

But enough about speculation of the timing of its release. What are some of the actual specs rumored to be featured on the iPad 3? Here are a few from The Verge according to "people familiar with the product":

  • Double resolution display: "a true iPad Retina Display, clocking in at 2048 x 1536"
  • A one millimeter increase in thickness
  • The A6 CPU (central processing unit) could support a more powerful GPU (graphics processing unit)
  • A supposedly larger camera lens

ComputerWorld states that it has heard the battery will be larger as well.

Of course, much of this is speculation, based on information from unnamed sources and leaked photos.

Watch this CNET report for more on Apple rumors about the iPad 3 and a potentially new iPod nano with a camera:

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