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Facebook Stupidity Strikes Again...Kids Think Oprah Died


"That's Oprah last time I checked."

As I was reliving my "where were you when you heard that Whitney died" with a friend of mine last night, she relayed to me that her boyfriend had a "Whitney who?" moment.

Seriously? I mean, I am no where close to being considered a strong enough follower to stand among Whitney's top fans but I know all the classics -- thanks to my mother blaring them on the stereo on Saturdays to make doing chores more entertaining.

But believe it or not this "Whitney who?" is far better than those on Facebook who have been confusing the singing diva with the queen of daytime television: Oprah.

Take a look at some of these:

See more Whitney confusions here. And below is proof that Oprah's still alive -- she tweeted on Houston's death:

So, is it generational? Are those on Facebook too young to really know the difference but still feel the need to show some solidarity with the rest of the social media world? Were there mothers not educating them with "I'm Every Woman" at volume level 10 as the smell of Clorox permeated the house? Is it that both women made their rise to greatness around the same time?

Share your theories in the comments.

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