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Never Been Done Before': A Peek at the Technology That Will Guard the World Trade Center


The new World Trade Center being built in lower Manhattan is being heavily guarded with some impressive technology, according to sources, to help avoid a repeat of 9/11 or an attack of any kind for that matter.

The New York Post reports that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in addition to traditional cameras and other surveillance equipment, will be employing facial recognition cameras, sensors to detect heat, radiation and explosives, and computers capable of monitoring behavior patterns. All this technology, which it reports an official as saying "has never been done before," will be connected to a system monitoring for unusual behavior as part of NYPD’s Lower Manhattan Security Initiative.

The rebuild of the World Trade Center is set to be completed in 2013 with much of the security technology being set up by Behavioral Recognition Systems, which the Post notes is a Department of Defense contractor. The Post spoke with John Frazzini, president of the Houston-based firm, who described the technology as well ahead of what is traditionally used but declined to elaborate further.

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