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Pointless quote of the day 02.22.12


"And for these lame-stream media characters to get all wee-weed up about that, first you have to ask yourself, 'Have they every attended a Sunday school class even? Have they never heard of this terminology before?"

--Sarah Palin on "Hannity" last night commenting on an old Rick Santorum speech that the Drudge Report dug up and splashed across its front page. In the speech -- which was delivered at Ave Maria University in 2008 -- Santorum says "The Father of Lies (Satan) has his sights on" America. Regardless of whether Palin approves of Santorum's "Satan" speech, when did the Drudge Report become part of the "lame-stream media"?

Also, "wee-weed" up is a funny reference to something President Barack Obama said in 2009. Its meaning is explained here.

h/t Real Clear Politics

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