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Sneak Peek: Ferrari Is About to Unveil Its Most Powerful Car Ever


"... we can anticipate a horsepower number that will exceed 850

This post originally appeared on Business Insider by Travis Okulski.

Over the last decade, steadily rising gas prices have led to an effort to increase efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

And while supercar makers have made strides with higher fuel economy, they have put an even bigger effort into monumental horsepower gains.

Ferrari is about to introduce its successor to the 599 GTB Fiorano, and the company has now officially said that the new car, rumored to be called the F620, will be the "most powerful Ferrari ever."

With 660 horsepower, the current 599 GTB has never been accused of being a slouch. If Ferrari truly means this will be the most powerful car it has ever built, we can anticipate a horsepower number that will exceed 850.

Its previous most powerful model was the 845 horsepower FXX Evolution track day car.

Video of the F620, which is being piloted by F1 drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, has just surfaced on YouTube.

Since the bodywork is heavily camouflaged, this video will have to satisfy us until the car is officially revealed on February 29.

Take a look below (via YouTube):

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