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Denver Anarchists Just Love Throwing 'Urine Bombs' at the Police



At least five people were arrested Saturday night following a protest in downtown Denver.

The group known as Anonymous, along with other activists, began their march down Denver’s 16th Street Mall around 7p.m. in what they called a protest “against police brutality.”

A 7NEWS crew said the group, made up of 40 to 50 protesters walked mostly in the RTD MallRide lanes, against traffic. Denver police moved ahead of the group in an attempt to block traffic. Officials said they were trying to keep the marchers safe and not to impede their demonstration.

Witnesses reported protesters with fireworks lighting them and throwing them. There were also reports that activists at the front of the group were carrying balloons filled with urine.

Denver police spokesman Matt Murray confirmed that several cars were spray painted with graffiti by protesters. 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger said he saw one car painted with the red anarchy symbol. There were reports one of the cars vandalized was a police car.


KUSA-TV's video captures the protest group as they moved through the city:

And a few YouTube uploads give us a few additional insights into what went down:

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