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Snoring Hummingbird Video Goes Viral -- Want to See Why?


Some people sound like a whistling tea kettle while others sound like a rattling muffler headed down a dirt road, but these categories of snore sounds aren't unique to human-kind. Other animals share similar audible noises while they catch Zs, and people just can't get enough of these viral videos.


This clip of a hummingbird, which sounds like a tiny cartoon bomb being dropped, was posted on Christmas Eve 2011 and is staring to grab the Internet's attention. It now has more than a half a million hits. (Note: The lower hum in the background is a machine measuring the oxygen being consumed by the bird's snores):

But the snoring hummingbird isn't the only sleeping animal that has garnered clicks. For example, this sleeping duckling -- double whammy because it's a baby animal and it's snoring -- posted in 2006 has more than 2 million hits:

This snoring dormouse video has garnered more than 3 million YouTube hits since its  Dec. 21, 2011, posting. See if you don't think it sounds a bit like your granny after Thanksgiving dinner:

And check out this lop bunny that really gets going when he's relaxed:

What does this barnyard pig sound like to you?

If you have seen or own any footage of snoring household pets or wildlife, send them our way.

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