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NY Times finds the vicious Romney conservatives are looking for


The lead political news story in the New York Times today says Mitt Romney is running a "whatever-it-takes" campaign. If only. If that were the case we could wrap up this primary today and I'd never have to see Ron Paul's wonky eyebrows in a debate again.

Here's the Times' proof that Romney is the take-no-prisoners presidential candidate the GOP has been looking for:

--The Romney campaign's Twitter account sent out tweets "poking fun" at the self-described "grandiose" Newt Gingrich. The tweets used the hashtag #GrandioseNewt.

--Romney's campaign sent out an anti-Rick Santorum email with a header that read, "Rick went to Washington -- and he never came back."

--Before President Barack Obama's State of the Union address this year, Romney recorded a "prebuttal" in which there was a banner behind him that read "Obama isn't working."

--There is a Super PAC that supports Romney.

The devil.

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