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Gingrich: Romney's too rich to care about gas prices


Apparently the Gingrich campaign's newest winning strategy is to go after the coveted Occupy Wall Street vote by using class warfare buzzwords...

The former Speaker of the House took to Fox News this morning to rebut Mitt Romney's critique of his $2.50/gallon gas plan by suggesting that Romney was "rich enough" and therefore unconcerned with rising gas prices (~2:35).

“Well look, if you’re Mitt Romney and you’re rich enough, maybe you don’t get it,” Gingrich said. “If Romney wants to run as the candidate of high price gasoline, that’s fine with me. We’ll lump him up with Barack Obama, which is the same thing as ‘RomneyCare’ and ‘ObamaCare,’ maybe it’s Romney-high-priced-gasoline and Obama-high-priced-gasoline."

Watch the interview here:

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