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Yikes! Tom Brokaw Mocks Mitt Romney's 'White Man Overbite

Yikes! Tom Brokaw Mocks Mitt Romney's 'White Man Overbite

“I mean, that’s a really slow move..."

With panel guests David Gregory, Chuck Todd, and Tom Brokaw all on Morning Joe's morning-after Super Tuesday coverage, you would think that the NBC News A-team would maintain a level of maturity, right? Wrong.

“Everyone’s just a little bit tired,” MSNBC's Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski observed after "Nightly News" legend Tom Brokaw mocked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's "white man overbite."

The imitation came as the panel was discussing what Republican candidates were doing to consolidate conservative support.

“The hard part for the Romney campaign now is, they’ve got to figure out how to gently nudge the conservatives into their corner without looking like it’s forced upon them,” Chuck Todd noted. “The more you force this, the more you see the conservative voter say, ‘Hey, hey, hey, no, you can’t do this to establishment.’ There’s the reason the Tea Party arose. Got to be very careful not to sort of force this. They’ve got to organically force it, if you can do both at the same time.”

“I have not seen that dance step from the Romney campaign,” Brokaw interjected. “I mean, that’s a really slow move, and he tends to go one way and crashes into the wall and goes out or you know, he goes out and does the white man overbite!”

Its not hard to speculate that conservatives will likely react to Brokaw's impression by offering the poignant comparison that if a similar antic was applied by a panelist on say, Fox News, about a Democratic politician, outcry from liberal media watchdogs calling for the joker's head would almost certainly ensue:

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