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Chicago Bears Head Coach Tells African Americans to 'Have Obama's Back' in 2012


"I trust the man that will be leading us in the future..."


Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith doesn't seem to mind that President Obama has disappointed many in the African American community as he is now asking that same community to “be patient and look into the future,” while actively supporting his reelection bid.

"I'm please with where we are now," Smith says in a new web video.

"The President has done so much: health care, end of the Iraq War, new jobs, but it's not about where we're at now, it's about our future and that's what I'm excited about. You have to be patient and kind of look into the future. And our future is looking bright because I trust the man that will be leading us in the future. And that man is Barack Obama. I have the President's back and it's left up to us, as African Americans, to show that we have his back also join African Americans for President Obama today."

ABC adds that Smith and former Obama personal aide Reggie Love, who also appeared in an African-Americans for Obama Web video, are among a group of high-profile figures leading outreach to the black community.

Watch the Chicago Bears' head coach's video ad below:

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