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Check It Out: Flying Drone Modeled After the 'Back to the Future' Car!


We've seen a lot of quadrotor drones lately, including their creepy ability to fly autonomously in synchronized formation and their musical talent in playing the familiar James Bond song.

In keeping with the blockbuster hit theme, here's someone who built a flying replica of Doc Brown's DeLorean from "Back to the Future":

According to the creator of the remote-controlled DeLorean (so it may not officially be accepted as a drone given that it's not completely autonomous), inspiration came from the flying version of the time machine in "Back to the Future 2."

SlashGear reports that it appears to be built with the core coming from a kit called AR.Drone, which it says provides a variety of control methods. Technabob states that the vehicle is powered by a lithium polymer battery and Turnigy 2204147 motors serve as the engines.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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