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Planned Parenthood Leader Arrested on Allegations of Indecent Exposure in a TX Park


The last thing Planned Parenthood needs is an indecent exposure scandal, but, alas, that is what the organization finds itself with after Tony Ray Thornton, the President and CEO of the Lubbock, Texas, affiliate was arrested earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Thornton was released on a $750 bond after being detained on Monday over charges that he exposed himself in a local park. The Planned Parenthood CEO, 56, was picked up at the baseball fields inside Mackenzie Park around 3:30 p.m.

Following the incident, KCBD-TV reports that Thornton did not go to his office. In fact, a receptionist told the outlet on Tuesday afternoon, via telephone, that he would not be in for the entire day. A reporter subsequently went to his home to get a statement, but there was no answer at the door. KCBD-TV continues:

According to Texas Penal Code 21.08, indecent exposure is committed when a suspect exposes his genitals with the intent to arouse the sexual desire of another person. It's a class B misdemeanor.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 contacted the national headquarters of Planned Parenthood. A person with the media relations department said they would work to issue a statement on Thornton's arrest. As of Tuesday evening we have not received a response.

According to The Daily Caller, Thornton has been a Planned Parenthood employee for several years. The leader has also been active in protests and in speaking out regarding women's rights issues. Over the weekend, he was part of a protest against Texas' decision to cut funding for a program associated with the organization.

"Without this program women will not have access to birth control. They will get pregnant. Our unintended pregnancy rate will increase dramatically," Thornton told reporters about the cuts just days before his arrest. "If you don't think that's going to affect abortion rates you're wrong."

There is no confirmation at the moment regarding whether his employment with the organization will continue.

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