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GQ reveals Secret Service code names for GOP candidates


Somehow GQ has learned the Secret Service call signs of the two leading Republican presidential candidates. Ed Donovan, the Special Agent in Charge of the government and public affairs shop, tells GQ that revealing the call signs are not a danger for the candidates. "Given modern capabilities to secure communications through encryption, there is no longer any security relevance to protect call signs."

According to multiple campaign sources that talk to GQ, Mitt Romney has chosen to call himself "Javelin" and Rick Santorum has elected "Petrus."

GQ notes that the use of code words to refer to candidates are a throwback to the era when Secret Service and White House Communications Agency communications were not encrypted. The tradition has persisted with the only real rule being that the code name word chosen must be comprehensible over the radio and not be similar to someone's else's.

In 2008, John McCain went by "Phoenix" and Barack Obama "Renegade."

Can you think of anything better for the 2012 GOP frontrunners?

I'd say "Robo-Cop" or "Iceman" for Romney. How about "Rooster" for Santorum.

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