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No Chores': Occupy's May Day Strike Targets 1 Percent and...Parents?


“We do expect people to not work."

Occupy Wall Street has been accused by many people of adopting an overly adolescent tone in its attacks on the "99 percent," and of acting adolescent in its sometimes violent resistance to evictions. But now, after losing union support, it appears to be deliberately targeting adolescents. Buzzfeed has a story about both phenomena, and also, brings the following poster to the public eye:

Note the prong "no chores." Highlights from the Buzzfeed story on Occupy's planned "May Day General Strike":

“It won’t happen,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and one of the first labor leaders to embrace the Occupy movement. “They are not working with the unions in a serious way yet; nor are the unions working with them in a serious way. And it is the wrong strategy.”[...]

Even the occupiers themselves aren’t totally clear on what the general strike will consist of without labor support, though organizers admit that the strike can only go so far without the unions striking.

“We do expect people to not work,” said organizer Max Berger. “Just in terms of participation by labor organizations and mass people not working, we're realistic about where we're at and what 's possible.”

Occupiers have also described the protests as a "day without the 99%." Evidently, that means that any parent that asks their child to do chores has been conscripted into the "1%." Given that as of 2009, 46% of households had children, one hopes this "no chores" instruction won't also imply "no math homework."

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