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#Gen44: Conservatives Usurp Obama's Twitter Hashtag...Again


The president is promoting the Twitter hashtag #Gen44 as part of his youth outreach and, once again, conservatives have stepped in to hijack the hashtag.

On Friday, Barack Obama's official Twitter account said, "If you're proud of Obamacare and tired of the other side using it as a dirty word, complete this sentence:  because..."

Conservative responses included:

@JamesNolan:  because I'm tired of making my own healthcare decisions...

@anthropocon:  because I want unelected bureaucrats making as many personal decisions for me as possible.

@yidwithlid:  as much as I like My father-in-law's wife

@SaintObama: , Because I think if you work, then I should benefit.

@iowahawkblog:  because the best things in life are free. Give or take $2 trillion.

Before that, the College Democrats asked tweeters to use the hashtag #WhyImIn to describe why they're voting for Barack Obama. Responses ranged from, "Free stuff! #WhyImIn" to "Because I want my electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket."

And now, the Obama administration is asking people to use the hashtag #Gen44, saying "The president is counting on young people this November."

Responses have included:

@ExJon: #Gen44 Because nothing says "youthful rebellion" like following orders from the president.

@FigDreston:  Because I believe the largest economy the world has ever known can be run on solar panels, windmills and algae.

@SBroadie: : Because this time I want Obama to win all 57 States

@lee_ritz: #Gen44 cuz I have a masters in post modern transsexual feminist lit and $100k in student debt but for some reason can't find a job.

@angelaisms: Because "endowed by their Creator" means "bestowed by a beneficent government." #gen44

Many of the president's detractors are wondering when the administration will pick up on the trend and stop issuing the hashtags. They have garnered so much attention that Friday afternoon "ILikeObamacare" was the most popular hashtag in the world (but for every positive, there were ten sarcastic negatives).

In case they continue, "#anotherObamaHashtagFAIL" has already been started.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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