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Beck Kicks Off 'Unelectable 2' Tour


If politicians said the kinds of things that Glenn does—you know, the truth—they’d never get into office.

Check out the highlights from the opening weekend of Glenn Beck’s “Unelectable 2” comedy tour:

For those who are unfamiliar with the "Unelectable" tour (click here for tour stops and tickets), it's a live comedy show where Glenn Beck uses the full force of his wit and showmanship to skewer Democrats, Republicans, cultural trends, current events, lawmakers, criminals, et cetera, et ceterae.

And why is it called "Unelectable"? Simple: because he says the things politicians should be saying but won't -- because it would make them "unelectable."

For more highlights from the Tampa and Raleigh "Unelectable" tour stops this past weekend, click here.

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