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Andrew Sullivan predictably explodes with news of Sarah Palin guest-hosting TODAY


Andrew Sullivan is the spotlight with his latest attention grabbing Newsweek coverstory portraying a hipster-looking Jesus Christ while arguing that Christianity has been “destroyed” by politics, evangelists and priests; but a post this morning on his blog keeps us from forgetting his absurd and universally deemed to be excessive Sarah Palin obsession.  The self-identified conservative, but unabashedly GOP-hating blogger could not resist chiming in with shocked frustration that the former Republican vice presidential candidate would be guest-hosting the NBC broadcast:

"I assume it's an April Fool's, right? It couldn't be that NBC is so desperate for ratings it has to find an unhinged, delusional, inarticulate know-nothing to guest-host its show just to leverage red America against blue? They didn't do it just to make a point about Katie Couric's lonely interview with the woman who wanted to know where 'North Africa' was? They haven't just picked an active partisan fanatic who could still play a role in the current election season as a sign that they are a newsorganization, have they?

I mean: NBC News isn't just a total whore with no pretensions to actual journalism, right?"

In the past, Sullivan has argued articulate and well thought out positions challenging Republican orthodoxy on its stance on some important issues, but has drifted down a path of self-righteous and shameless support of Barack Obama in recent years that has led many to question whether he truely understands American conservatism. 

Monday's TODAY post illustrates Sullivan's long-standing distaste for Sarah Palin, which has at times gone vulgar, centering around his questioning of her intelligence and the true parents of her son Trig. 


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