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Can You Detect the Trick PETA Pulled on the Miami Marlins in This Message?


"Yep, it's a hidden message placed by PETA..."

Look close -- very close. Can you detect the anti-fishing message that PETA sneaked into this brick that is now forever encased in the new Miami Marlins stadium?

Give up? Well, if you take out the first letters of each word, it directs you to a website: fishinghurts.com (which really just redirects you to a PETA website).

Clever, eh?

PETA thought so, although in a press release it might give itself a little too much credit:

As you may have detected, the first letters of the words in this message spell out "FishingHurts.com," a Web address that brings up a page on PETA's website about the cruelty involved in fishing and the reasons to give fish a break. Yep, it's a hidden message placed by PETA—after all, when animals' lives are on the line (pun intended), why limit attention-getting pranks about fish to April Fools' Day?

The truth is no one would have probably figured it out if PETA wouldn't have explained it. But PETA is still pretty proud of itself.

The engraved paving stone is located in the East Plaza of the new stadium.


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