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Most Dangerous Thing I've Ever Made': See This Man's Point-of-View as He Free Climbs a Moscow Skyscraper


Climbing up a 32-level (mechanical floors included) skyscraper may seem like an endeavor only accepted by Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible -- and even that would be the work of Hollywood magic -- but one man in Russia has done it and is showing us what it looks like from his point-of-view.

Watch this ITN News report with footage of the daring climb to the tip of the building:

The daredevil scaled the tip of the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building -- a 577-foot high skyscraper in Moscow that is one of a group dubbed the Seven Sisters -- warning others to not attempt under any circumstances. On his YouTube post, he writes climbing gear was removed to avoid accidents and that he considered this "the most dangerous thing I've ever MADE in my life." He also clarifies in the video that he is holding the camera in his mouth -- it was not mounted on a helmet-cam.

Here is the full 4:55 footage of the climb (Note: It's worth holding out for the end when you see him nearly hyperventilate in relief when he makes it to a stable footing where his friend was waiting):

So far, for its death-defying climb and panoramic views of the Russian capital, the video has garnered more than 650,000 views on the video-sharing site since its April 2 posting.

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