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Greek Newscaster Hit With Yogurt, Eggs Live on Air


Protesters hit a Greek newscaster with yogurt and eggs while he was live on the air Friday, reportedly because they were angry he had featured a spokesman for a far-right political organization on his program the week before.

According to GreekReporter.com, demonstrators broke into the television station chanting and hurling the food at newscaster Panagiotis Bourchas shortly after 9 p.m.

Video of the incident shows Bourchas sitting calmly, shielding his face against the onslaught of dairy products. He stands up after a few moments and picks up his laptop, turning his back and continuing to get slathered with food. He walks off set after a few more moments, shaking his head and pulling out his earpiece.

A producer later walked out and spoke to the crowd, according to the New York Post.

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