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Easter Bunny Arrested For Being 'Hopped Up' on Illegal Prescription Narcotics


An Easter bunny was arrested on Thursday after he was found carrying more than chocolates and decorative eggs.

Joshua Lee Bolling, the man behind the mask, was reportedly acting "suspicious" during his breaks as the Piedmont Mall Easter Bunny in Virginia.  KTLA reports that mall security decided to discreetly monitored him until, "eventually," they found him with pills he did not have a prescription for.

The bunny was arrested and charged with illegal possession of prescription narcotics Thursday, though the police did escort him to a private changing area before making the arrest out of consideration for the children.

The police report stressed: "His suspicious behaviour took place while he was on breaks and not during his contact with children."

In the words of Gawker: "Well, that's a relief. Although how could anyone tell the difference between an Easter Bunny hopped up on Vicodin, and an Easter Bunny just getting into the holiday spirit?

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