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Risk death by getting between this woman and her beer


California woman Teresa Aguayo, 46, needed a beer on Easter Sunday. She really needed it. And just one.

Unfortunately for Aguayo, the mom-and-pop market she entered to purchase the one beer didn't actually sell beer individually. No matter how bad you need it.

When Aguayo couldn't get her desperately needed beer, she flipped on the cashier.

The employee then asked Aguayo to leave, but rather than exiting the store Aguayo allegedly went behind the counter and physically attacked the clerk. According to police, Aguayo used the beer bottle to repeatedly hit the clerk in the head and then forced her to drink rubbing alcohol and acetone. Aguayo then wrapped her head in a blanket, which caused the clerk to momentarily pass out. Police said that when the clerk regained consciousness Aguayo was spraying bug repellent in her face.

Police arrived on the scene and had to pull Aguayo off the victim. She was taken to the city lock up and charged with attempted murder.

In the event that Aguayo can post her $500,000 bail, do not approach her.  If you must, make sure you can offer her one (1) 40oz King Cobra or something equally cheap and gross.

[ABC News]

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