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George Zimmerman Demanded Discipline in Racially Tinged 2010 Police Corruption Case


"I challenge you reading this to stand together and not 'simply go away.'

Long before he was the alleged cold-blooded racist monster who shot Trayvon Martin allegedly due to subconscious bigotry (and is now being brought up on charges for precisely that), George Zimmerman was a crusader for racial justice himself, according to a report by Daily Caller reporter Matthew Boyle.

A little background is necessary. Back in December of 2010, a homeless man named Sherman Ware was attacked and punched in the nose by an assailant who turned out to be none other than the son of a police officer. Mysteriously, he was never arrested, though unlike the current case, it wasn't for lack of evidence. Someone had actually caught him doing it on tape:

Given the characterization of George Zimmerman by some segments of the media, one would expect that he had either done nothing in response to this incident, or quietly approved of the beating because the homeless (black) Ware had had it coming. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. From Boyle's report:

After Justin Collison surrendered himself to authorities, the Sanford Police Department struggled to hold its officials accountable. A lengthy investigation conducted by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office concluded that the police officials involved did not offer Justin Collison “preferential treatment.”

Still, according to members of the Zimmerman family, George printed and distributed copies of fliers on bright fluorescent-colored paper demanding that the community “hold accountable” officers responsible for any misconduct. TheDC has obtained a copy of one of those fliers.

Here is the flier in question:

Zimmerman Letter to Sanford Churches

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