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Utah Mall Accused of Kicking Out Customers for 'Looking Too Gay' & Having Visible Tattoos


"I was in heels and my makeup was fierce," he said.

The City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, is coming under fire amid reports that its staff has been kicking shoppers out for "looking too gay," holding hands or having visible tattoos. The mall, which has only been open for one month, has allegedly been hit with numerous complaints over what some see as over-the-top rules and regulations. But shopping center executives are denying the charges levied against them.

One man took to Facebook, where the Daily Mail claims he complained that he was harassed by shopping center security guards for wearing women's clothing. According to ABC 4, the man wrote, "I was in heels and my makeup was fierce. And they kick me out for looking too gay."

Dallon Thorup, another individual who has frequented the mall, claims that mall cops spoke to him about his tattoo, a Chinese symbol on his upper arm.

"I got approached by someone that asked do you mind covering up?," Thorup claimed in an interview with ABC4. "I laughed, and asked why, and he said, 'Some people might find your tattoo offensive.'"

But managers for the City Creek Center are denying that this alleged treatment would be permissible based on the company's code of conduct. Director of Marketing Dee Brewer says that holding hands, kissing and showing tattoos would not draw the attention of security officials.

"Any activity or conduct, which is detrimental to or inconsistent with a first-class, family oriented shopping center is prohibited," reads the company's code of conduct.

Some are blaming these alleged incidents on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as ABC4 reports that various individuals believe the church is enforcing the overtly-strict rules. Property Reserve, Inc., the commercial real estate arm of LDS, joined with Taubman Centers Inc., another real estate company, in launching the shopping center. Taubman has denied that the church is involved in City Creek's rule-making.

And as the ABC4 report noted in its video report, many have said that they have never encountered any odd situations or bizarre interactions with mall security.

Now, it's important to note: If there is any truth to these allegations, it's entirely possible -- even likely -- that individual security guards could be implementing policies based on their own personal views. This, of course, is not a charge that such actions are taking place. But it's certainly worth noting the possibility.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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