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New must-read book: Lessons From Fallen Civilizations


Apparently, America is suicidal.

Our government is out of control -- overtaxing the producers, expanding unemployment through bad policy and eliminating personal liberty.

None of this is new. Students of history have seen it before, and a new book by my friend Larry Kelley is the powerful, intelligent reminder of this that we all need.

In "Lessons From Fallen Civilizations: Can a Bankrupt America Survive the Current Islamic Threat?", Kelley exposes those working to bring down America, explains how big the Islamist threat really is, details the 10 factors that led to the death of all great civilizations and -- most importantly -- offers solutions that we can use now to reverse the decline before it's too late.

There really is hope -- but that means we have work to do. And believe me, after you read this book, you'll understand what "work" really is.

I had the honor of writing a blurb for the cover, and I cannot emphasize enough what I wrote:

The West is at a crossroads. If you want to really understand how other cultures fell, why the United States is at a precipice, who the real threat is to our survival, and what we must do to avoid the fates of Greece, Carthage, and Rome, listen very closely to what Larry Kelley is telling you in "Lessons From Fallen Civilizations." Our Founders understood well these messages from history--so should we.

Not impressed by my recommendation? (Eh, I wouldn't be either.) Try this from the esteemed Ken Timmerman:

Western CIV 101 before the imams of political correctness took over our campuses. Larry Kelley's "Lessons From Fallen Civilizations" is a sweeping tour de force that reminds us that civilization as we know it is a fragile miracle that modern day barbarians could easily sweep away with the help of a complacent polity if we fail to protect and defend it.

Larry's work truly is one of those "necessary books." We need to know what brought down other civilizations and learn their lessons. I urge you to buy and read it today.

**I should add that Larry's offering some special, limited-time goodies through his website after you purchase his book. So buy it and then go here.

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