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Palin Responds to Agent's Racy Facebook Joke: 'I Hope His Wife Kicks His Okole to the Dog House


"...as long as he's not eating the dog along with his former boss."

The Secret Service prostitution scandal has, thus far, had some intriguing twists and turns.

On Thursday, we learned that David Randall Chaney, one of the three men "forced out" of the service in the wake of the scandal, had allegedly posted a Facebook message about "checking...out" former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (Chaney was on the candidate's 2008 protection team). Last night, Palin responded.

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In an appearance on FOX News' "On The Record With Greta VanSusteren," the 2008 vice-presidential nominee took aim at the agent, while cracking a joke about dog-eating. In responding to the scandal, Palin said:

"Well, this agent who was kind of ridiculous there in posting pictures and comments about checking someone out. well check this out bodyguard: you're fired. And I hope his wife kicks his 0kole and sends him to the dog house -- as long as he's not eating the dog along with his former boss."

Watch it unfold, below:

Watch the entire interview, below:

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