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PolitiFact offers 'context' of Obama dog-eating


I'm with Ace on this one -- not quite sure what "context" is in this case:

What the hell does "in context," in this context, mean? Dude either ate dog or he did not eat dog. There is not some context by which you'd say, "Well, he ate a dog, but in context, he didn't."

Yeah, I'm skeptical.  It seems that "context" in this case is a whole bunch of irrelevant material from Obama's "Dreams From My Father."

It seems like PolitiFact wanted to label this nugget as "pants on fire," but seeing as how the president admitted to it in his book and on tape in his own voice, all they can do is offer "context."

This still isn't as bad as Buzzfeed's Jack Shepherd who -- after posting pictures of dogs being clubbed to death -- still insists that eating dog is just like eating chicken.



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