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Where's Your Brains Coming From?': British Game Show Puts on Awesome Display of Game Theory


A clever British gameshow called "Golden Balls" invites contestants to play a modified version of the "prisoner's dilemma."

In the show, two contestants must decide whether they will either split or steal a certain amount of money, by selecting one of two "golden balls" that only they can see, which either reads "split" or "steal."

If they both choose "split," they split the money.  However, if only one chooses to split, and the other opts for "steal," the contestant who chooses "steal" gets the entire pot.  And if they both opt for "steal", they both go home empty-handed.

The duo have thirty seconds to discuss their decision, but more often than not they both get greedy and walk home with nothing.  It can be a terrible sight to behold, especially when they absolutely both could have won!

Watch the clip below to see the how one clever contestant manipulated "game theory" to convince the other guy to split the money-- by persuading him he was going to steal:

(H/T: Gawker)

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