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Yet another place where you need a photo ID...


Democrats like to criticize Republicans' support for voter ID laws because they "disenfranchise" minority voters who are apparently less likely to have a valid photo ID.  Obviously we shouldn't require people to prove that they are who they say they are to exercise one of our Republic's most sacred rights -- right?

How long until progressives organize a boycott of Sam's Club who asks to see your photo ID in order to receive their advertised promotion?

I received an advertising pamphlet from Sam's Club in last Sunday's newspaper, titled "Try Us Free ." The front page said "Visit the Spring Taste of Sam's Club - non-members welcome. Shop with no upcharge."

As a long-time Costco shopper, I'm pretty happy with my Costco membership but since Sam's Club is closer to my house, I decided to give it a try.

When I got to the store I grabbed my debit card (knowing I'd probably buy something) but locked my purse in the car. At the door I was directed to go to the customer service area, into a line with a sign that read "One Day Pass." So I did, and waited quite a considerable length of time because the person in front of me was signing up for a membership and had to do something on another computer screen, then pay at another one - whatever they were doing, it took a while,.

Finally, I got to the counter, and asked for the one-day membership and the CSR told me he just needed to see a valid photo ID. Mind you, I'd left that in my car. I told the CSR I didn't have one on me and he told me that there was "absolutely nothing" he could do unless I had a valid photo ID.

Now for the life of me, I can't figure out a reason why Sam's Club would require a photo ID to shop there, unless you were purchasing alcohol or some other kind of age-restricted item.  But I think it's pretty absurd that one needs a photo ID to partake in bargain warehouse shopping but not to cast a vote.

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