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See Hilarious Video of a 6th Grader Asking Chris Christie to Write Him an Excuse Note for School


"Please excuse Peter from school today. He was with me."

Rather than faking an illness to excuse his absence from school, a sixth grader asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie if he'd be willing to write him a note explaining his failure to attend. Christie, who complied, received the hilarious request from the young boy who was skipping class to attend his town hall meeting this week.

"I kind of need a note for school," 11-year-old Peter Schwartz told the governor, as the crowd laughed.

Christie, who clearly thought the Schwartz's request was worth fulfilling, wrote a brief note on the backside of a "reserved seating" sign and handed it back to the child.

"It just says, 'Please excuse Peter from school today. He was with me,'" Christie said.

Later, during the question and answer portion of the event, Christie called on Schwartz, who asked what he should do about being bullied by an individual in authority. The governor told him to tell his parents and to report it to the individual's boss.

Watch a portion of the interaction, below:

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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