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We Then Became Master in the House Where We Once Were Sold as Slaves': Farrakhan Admits to Running Interference for Obama in 2008


"He's been turned by the powers that surround him."

In the grand scheme of politically toxic endorsements, Louis Farrakhan's might be more toxic than almost anyone's, especially for a black politician. Farrakhan himself acknowledges this, and said as much in an interview on ZDK 97.1 Antigua. That's why, according to Farrakhan, he not only withheld his endorsement from President Obama, but actively told his supporters not to listen when Obama distanced himself from Farrakhan.

But now, says the radical black leader, Obama has turned out to be a disappointment because he is no longer surrounded by people who Farrakhan considers politically reliable allies. You can listen to his full thoughts on where Obama's administration has gone in the clip below, followed by a few highlights.

Farrakhan cites Michael Eric Dyson, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley and the infamous Father Pfleger as several people who were feeding Obama the right line politically before being excised by his White House Team.

He also blames "The Jewish people that own many of the newspapers, radio and television" for the necessity that Obama distance himself from Farrakhan in the first place. Farrakhan apparently believes that denouncing him is the "litmus test" for black candidates to avoid getting attacked by the media.

Finally, Farrakhan warns that the climate in the country has gotten such that he worries that Obama will be assassinated, especially if he's reelected. This is not a new fear, but coming from a man who had a hand in at least one prominent assassination, it's a slightly more ominous one.

H/T: Breitbart

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