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Why was Glenn Beck wearing a Radiohead t-shirt yesterday?

(The Blaze)

I know you Blaze readers like to "peak behind the curtain" every once in a while. And so whenever I can scratch your curious itch, I like to do so. This story might do that. But it also might make you even more curious.

On Wednesday, GBTV subscribers might have noticed an odd shirt that Glenn Beck was wearing during the radio show. It was a tour shirt for the left-wing rock group Radiohead:

So why was Beck sporting a shirt for a band that's been vocal about supporting Occupy Wall Street? Secret admiration? A clue for the masses? Is he a secret band member? Just a fan? Or does he think it's a reference to radio hosts such as himself?

Or does he just wants to confuse people so they'll write blog posts about it?

Told you you might be curious.

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