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Limbaugh on Biden's Gay Marriage Comments: He Did It So They Can't Throw Him Off the Ticket


"They’re raising money, bundling money, donating money, all because of Biden."

Vice President Biden is famously a gaffe machine, to the point that he has apparently had to apologize to President Obama for forcing the latter's hand in disclosing his feelings about gay marriage.

But unlike Biden's other gaffes, some are wondering whether this one wasn't deliberate. Rush Limbaugh certainly thinks it might have been, and weighed in on his radio show to suggest that Biden might have deliberately forced the issue in order to bring forth a spontaneous outflowing of money to the campaign, which Biden himself could then claim credit for as a way to stop the campaign from replacing him as Obama's Vice Presidential candidate. Limbaugh's full thoughts are provided in video form below via The Daily Rushbo, followed by some excerpts:

The theory is that Biden did that to make it almost impossible to throw him off the ticket now. The thinking is that gay marriage is so popular on the Democrat side, it’s turned on the money spigot. People who were holding back — people who weren’t writing checks, people who weren’t fundraising and who were not bundling — all of the sudden now are running at 150 miles an hour. They’re raising money, bundling money, donating money, all because of Biden.

Biden has enough political experience that this maneuver certainly doesn't seem that far-fetched. However, one has to wonder whether donors will have a long enough memory come the convention to care who ends up on the bottom of the ticket.

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