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Awkward: 'Battleship' Director Hammers Israeli TV Host Who Admits He Skipped Out on Mandatory Military Service


"You better join the army motherf**ker!"

An on-air interview took an odd turn when film director Peter Berg ("Battleship") took the focus off of his new film and shifted it to global politics. Berg awkwardly transformed his discussion with an Israeli reporter into a bizarre commentary about Iran -- and Israeli military service.

As Berg railed on about his not-so-positive outlook on the Middle East, he decided to begin turning questions back on the reporter, Jason Danino-Holt. He asked the 25-year-old if he has ever served in the military, a requirement for all Israeli citizens. The "awkward" factor increased when the host answered that he has never served.

"What? How did you get out of that? Are you a draft dodger?," Berg asked. "You better join the army motherf**ker!"

Holt tried to re-route the conversation, telling the director that "it's a long story." He inevitably squashed the bizarre interaction by saying, "We're not having this conversation."

Clearly, Holt was uncomfortable and didn't want to delve into his personal issues. In an interview with YNet News back in 2005, the young host, who is a well-known television personality overseas, said that he was exempted from mandatory military service due to health issues.

Watch the awkward interview, below (caution: language):

It should be noted that Berg is also the director of "Lone Survivor," an upcoming film based on Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's experiences. Luttrell wrote a book by the same title that recaps Operation Redwing and his fellow Seal Team 10 members who were lost in the ambush.

This story has been updated.

(H/T: TMZ)

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