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Here are more onesies for your liberal activist baby


Apparently baby gear is all the rage in political campaigns these days.  As we've reported, Barack Obama's re-election campaign is hoping to capitalize on the president's flip-flop on gay marriage by marketing onesies for babies with same-sex parents.  Now there's a onesie for the Occupy Wall Street crowd -- in case they want to participate in the capitalistic trade of goods and services for compensation in order to use their child as a political prop.

Check out the "Clenched Fist of Protest" baby onesie:

It comes in a variety of colors, including pink and blue for your little bundle of discontent.

Have your little ones outgrown their baby clothes?  Fear not, there are also "sweatshop-free t-shirts for freedom loving young-uns," including this one which encourages children to "question authority" -- an idea for a t-shirt I find particularly ironic for parents to give their children:

And of course, your kids can always serve as walking advertisements for the liberal left's lord & savior, Barack Obama... in all his gay glory:

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