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64-Year Old Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Rob the Same Bank THREE Times


She's definitely older than most bank robbers...

Datha Nation is no stranger to the Wells Fargo in Longmont, Colorado, having now seemingly tried to rob it THREE times.

Police say that on June 9, 2010, "she [had] a note that indicated that she wanted money and...would infect the teller with AIDS if they didn’t cooperate," according to Cmdr. Jeff Satur of the local police department.

Having gotten away with an undisclosed amount of money the first time, she seemingly tried it again this past March, but left before police arrived.  On Monday, Nation allegedly made a third attempt at it.

Recognized immediately as the old lady who tried to give them AIDS, bank employees say they called the police as soon as they saw her.

When the police arrived, they found her car parked outside...with a note saying she was robbing the bank, instructing tellers not to use a dye pack in the money they handed over.

Nation was arrested without incident.

The elderly woman's neighbors describe her as "a very nice person," one saying they even had her over for dinner. However, they also explained that Nation has had some trouble finding work, and that might have motivated the string of bank robberies.

Nation has been charged with two counts of attempted robbery, and one count of aggravated robbery.

This story has been updated.

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