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Steaksaw': This Is What You Get When You Combine Steak Knives and a Power Drill


"Isn't it wonderful."

From the same man who recently showed us how to take ordinary office supplies and turn them into survival weapons, now comes a tutorial on how to make a DIY power saw from common kitchen utensils and something you may already have on your tool bench.

Joerg Sprave, who runs the Slingshot Channel on YouTube, uses eight stake knives and a battery-powered drill to create -- you guessed it -- the "steaksaw."

Sprave explains that steak knives are relatively cheap, readily available and "really dangerous." "But of course," he says, "We want to max it out."

He connects a power drill to a pulley system that will then turn the radial display of steak knives that he has mounted on a wooden wheel, making, in essence, a homemade chainsaw.

Watch the whole of the "Oberfranken Steakknife Massacre" (Note: As a bonus at 2:22, after the steaksaw demonstration, Sprave shows off some slingshots he made the week before):

[H/T Gizmodo]

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