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Do Americans Know More About Religious Freedom Or American Idol?


Among the big news stories this week were two very different issues:

  1. More than 40 different Catholic organizations filed a lawsuit against the federal government over Obamacare's contraception mandate.
  2. Who would win the latest competition and be crowned the 11th "American Idol."

So, we have the issue of religious freedom -- a cornerstone of our nation and something many people believe is worth fighting and dying over --  versus a 13-week televised singing competition.

Which do you think Americans will know more about? Considering the fact that almost 24 percent of the adults in this country are Catholic, you might expect at least some of them to know about the legal action taken by their church to protect their right to practice their faith without government direction or interference. Then again, maybe not.

Our friends at MRC took to the streets to survey the people:

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