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It Will Fall on Their Heads Like Lightning': Iran Warns Israel, Slams U.S. at Remembrance Ceremony


"What they are and should be afraid of is not a nuclear Iran, but is an Islamic Iran."

Over the weekend, Iran's leaders used the 23rd anniversary of the death of Islamic Republic Founder Imam Khomeini to bash the "Zionist" regimes in Israel and the U.S.

Thousands gathered in Tehran to hear Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei give his keynote address, where he cautioned the two countries not to undermine the Islamic awakening spreading throughout the Middle East. He also issued a stern warning to Israel not to make any future "misstep," PressTV reports.

"The (Isreali officias) know that under the current circumstances, they are more vulnerable than ever. If they make any misstep or wrong action it will fall on their heads like lightening," he said.

But Khamenei didn't stop there. He also criticized the United States and said the country's influence inside many nations across the globe is dwindling, the Tehran Times reports.

“Today, the West is putting on an affectation," he said. "They are experiencing financial, economic, and social problems and are helpless with respect to their people. Several pro-U.S. governments in Europe have been toppled. If the people find an opportunity, they will eliminate any trace of the United States’ arrogance that can be seen in Europe."

Khamenei went on to argue that the U.S. has blown Iran's nuclear ambitions out of proportion and the government is attempting to convince the world that a nuclear Iran is dangerous only to avert attention from their own "problems." However, he did make it clear: the United States should be afraid of Iran.

"They are deceitful. What they are and should be afraid of is not a nuclear Iran, but is an Islamic Iran," Khamenei said, according to a translation by PressTV.

“It is Islamic Iran that has triggered an earthquake that is shaking the pillars of the hegemonistic powers," he continued. "The Iranian nation has proved that a nation can make true progress without dependence on the United States, without reliance on the self-proclaimed powers."

Further, during a meeting with journalists and political activists in Tehran on Sunday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad encouraged Muslim nations to work together to boost their independence, according to the Islamic Ahlulbayt News Agency.

"All people form any background or color or region or races are regarded the same in Islam and it is a religion for all mankind," Ahmadinejad said. "Iran will resist hegemonic powers' demands which ask Tehran to halt its ideals in defense of the oppressed nations and groups and in the meantime, their calls for the halt of Tehran's peaceful nuclear activities," he added, referring to the U.S. and Israel.

Ahmadinejad explained that his country is ready to join hands with all Muslim countries, including Egypt, to lead the world into "peaceful co-existence," the news agency reports. Unless you are the U.S. or Israel of course – the great Satan and little Satan respectively.

This is from the leader of the country that just weeks ago sentenced four homosexuals to death by hanging, branding them as enemies of Allah for committing sodomy, according to the Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA).

"Iranian and Egyptian nations should work actively and closely to make a more just world and in the meantime, the global sovereignty of monotheism," he added.

Calling for a united Islamic world against the West certainly hints that what Ahmadinejad is actually referring to is an Islamic caliphate. Talks of the caliphate – one global government ruled by Islam – are becoming more frequent as of lately, particularly now that the effects of the "Arab Spring" are starting to be realized and radical Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are coming to power in the Middle East.

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Watch more of PressTV's coverage of the event, including some of Khamenei's statements, here:

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