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Who exactly is 'insulting' Hispanic voters?


According to Obama's senior political advisor, by picking Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to be his vice presidential running mate, Mitt Romney would be "insulting" Hispanic voters.

In an interview with Univision that aired Sunday, David Axelrod argued that Romney would only name Rubio in an attempt to acquire a "get-out-of-jail-free card" for his "stances that are important to Hispanic voters."  This seems to me like an insult to Rubio as Axelrod seems to think the only qualifications the senator has come from his family's Cuban roots.  But I'm confident Rubio wouldn't rely on any sort of affirmative action to make Romney's short list -- his qualifications and competency stand for themselves.  And if being a junior senator is a good enough qualification for Obama to be president, why shouldn't the same standard apply for Rubio?

Two problems stand in the way of a Rubio vice presidency, however.  First of all, Rubio has insisted time and again that he doesn't want the job.  Further, despite his rising stardom within the Republican Party, Rubio's name on the ballot wouldn't make any significant difference to voters, according to recent polls.

Univision host Jorge Ramos also asked Mr. Axelrod if President Obama will have a problem with Hispanic voters since the president has broken his own promises — including one made to Mr. Ramos in particular — to produce comprehensive immigration reform during first year in office. But Axelrod said the election is a comparison, and that when Hispanic voters compare Obama and Romney on issues important to them, they will overlook Obama's broken promises.

The Obama camp is making promises to the Hispanic community it has no intention of keeping yet feels confident that Hispanic voters will blindly support the president... and yet it's Romney who is insulting their intelligence?

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