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Who's watching out for our military?


The U.S. military is under a domestic attack—from the administration, American citizens and Islamist groups. Our troops are taking fire from the home front: The Obama administration isn't a fan; too many liberal progressives want to see them decimated; and Muslim radicals are striking against them on American soil. Who has their best interests in mind if the government doesn't?

In a powerful piece for the June issue of The Blaze Magazine, "Taking Fire From the Home Front," we take a look at what our men and women in our Armed Forces are up against—from their own country. How can we protect them from not only those who openly hate them, but also from those who are supposed to love it, support it and lead it?

And don't miss our special report on Occupy Wall Street. Turns out that the activists "occupying" everything and touting the benefits of socialism and communism aren't new, FDR had to face a movement that embraced the efforts of the Soviet Union—and backed Hitler's Germany.

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