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Students Tricked Into Eating Moose Poop During Field Trip...While Teachers Watched


"A very poorly conceived joke."

A Canadian school official said three teachers watched and did nothing as students were tricked into eating moose droppings during a school trip. (Image source: CBC News)

moose droppings prank

Three teachers supervising a field trip were aware that an eighth grade student was about to eat moose poop and did nothing to stop it, a Canadian school official said.

The girl did so, reportedly getting it stuck in her braces and vomiting, according to Canada's Winnipeg Free Press. At least one other boy ate the droppings as well. Both teens had been told the poop was chocolate-covered almonds.

Scott Kwasnitza, superintendent of the Lord Selkirk School Division in Manitoba, Canada, said a parent chaperoning the canoe trip offered the students the droppings as a joke.

"I can certainly confirm that a parent supervisor offered these moose droppings in the guise of a very poorly conceived joke," Kwasnitza told the Free Press.

Karen Eyolfson, whose 13-year-old son was one of the students who ate the poop, said the parent offered the "almonds" from a sandwich baggie, according to CBC News.

"He dug into a bag and popped one in his mouth,” Eyolfson told CBC. “As soon as it hit his mouth somebody tells him, ‘You just ate moose [expletive],’ and the whole group of people started laughing at him.”

When her son ran to wash out his mouth, a 13-year-old female classmate who didn't witness the incident was tricked into doing the same thing, Eyolfson said.

By that point all three teachers were aware of what was happening but didn't intervene, Kwasnitza said. He didn't identify the teachers by name or title, but Eyolfson said one was actually the school principal.

Both students received medical attention to be treated for possible bacterial infection.

Kwasnitza wouldn't discuss what disciplinary action was handed down to the teachers involved, but said all were at school Wednesday and have not been fired.

The man behind the prank was not the parent of a student on the trip and will not be volunteering for the school again, Kwasnitza said.

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