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Apple Announces New Products at Developers Conference -- Get the Details Here


"the most beautiful computer we've ever made"

SAN FRANCISCO (The Blaze/AP) -- We've been waiting to see what goodies Apple would announce at its World Wide Developer's Conference in San Francisco on Monday. Among the announcements was a new MacBook Pro with a super-high resolution "Retina" display, setting a new standard for screen sharpness.

The new MacBook Pro will have a 15-inch screen and four times the resolution of previous models, Apple executive Phil Schiller told developers at a conference in San Francisco. It is also touted to be about as thin as the MacBook air when closed.

Schiller called it "the most beautiful computer we've ever made" and an "engineering breakthrough."

Apple already uses "Retina" displays - with individual pixels too small to be distinguished by the naked eye - in its latest iPhones and iPads.

(Photo: AP/Paul Sakuma)

It will also cost $2199 and up, and is part of a general revamp of Apple's personal computer line announced Monday.

Check out this footage from SlashGear of the new Macbook:

In addition to the MacBook, the conference also introduced new software for mobile devices, iOS 6, which will sport more than 200 new features.This includes enhancements to Siri, a virtual assistant that interprets voice commands and talks back to the user.

Since the feature was introduced in October with the iPhone 4S, Siri has been "studying up and learning a lot more," says Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice president for iPhone software.

He demonstrated that by having Siri tell whether LeBron James or Kobe Bryant is the taller basketball player. Siri replies, "LeBron James appears to be slightly taller" as the cards of both players are displayed on the screen.

Apple says it is partnering with Yelp so that Siri can include ratings and prices of restaurants when you ask Siri for places to eat. The company is also partnering with OpenTable to make reservations.

Siri will now be available in more languages and more countries. It is also coming to the iPad for the first time.

The announcement of new software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been confirmed by banners that appeared at the Moscone conference center in San Francisco on Friday, reading "iOS 6." It's not much of a surprise. Apple has used its Worldwide Developers Conference as an opportunity to announce new iPhone software for the past few years.

In the pipeline, is the Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" operating system, which has built-in features to facilitate sharing on Twitter and Flickr. For instance, you'll get notifications directly from Twitter when you get a direct message or a mention on Twitter.

There's also a "Power Nap" feature that keeps your Mac up to date even while it's in power-saving "sleep" mode. It will get your emails, back up your files and download software updates automatically.

Mountain Lion will be available next month and will cost $19.99 - $10 cheaper than what the current system, Lion, costs.

Those buying the new MacBook models will get the upgrade for free when it's available.

Now the wait begins again for the rumored iPhone 5 release many believe will occur in October.

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