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I Want You to Kill all Infidels': Boy Draws Controversial Image of Jesus -- Should School Take It Down?


"get a free ticket to heaven."

Children show their creative imaginations in some intriguing ways. The artwork and storytelling they engage in often illustrates the ideas that are bopping around inside of their heads. Take, for instance, a student-drawn picture at Hamilton Elementary School in Fresno, California. The image, which has become intensely controversial, portrays Jesus Christ, with a caption that reads, "I want you to kill all infidels."

Under this shocking line are two others: "meet me in Jerusalem" and "get a free ticket to heaven." Obviously, the picture, which is hanging prominently in the school's lobby along with others, is causing a stir. While some claim it's merely a creative work spawned by a child's imagination, others see anti-Christian sentiment at play. A 7th-grade student, who has not been named in media, created the drawing as part of a history assignment.

But, despite the educational elements associated with its creation, at least some parents have voiced their concern over its prominent display. One couple claims that school officials have done little to listen to their qualms -- that is, until media began reporting on the story.

"I do believe common sense tells you, hey this may not be appropriate for a k through 8 school, right in the main lobby where each child passes on their way to school and home." said Chris Alfaro, who is a parent of a second-grade student at Hamilton and a Christian.

Hamilton elementary has been quiet in terms of handing the criticism. A spokesperson for the Fresno Unified School District issued a statement to ABC30, telling the outlet the following about the picture's creation:

"Students at Hamilton were assigned to create a help wanted poster for soldiers needed to fight in the crusades and write a poem about Joan of arc, the Black Death, or the Magna Carta and create a visual background for it. This was one of several posters displayed."

Anti-Christian bias or merely a drawing created for a specified assignment? You decide. Watch more about the controversy from KSFN-TV:

(H/T: Gawker)

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